Mural Project

Mural projects are one way to connect young people to their communities. At the Change 4 Good program in Santa Cruz, the mural project began by taking elementary students on a field trip to the University of California, Santa Cruz. Looking at the many murals on campus helped them learn how murals tell stories through symbols. Afterwards the students surveyed their peers, parents, and community members to get ideas for the mural. With digital cameras in hand, the students also went out to the community to take pictures of places they felt were important. After discussing the ideas they had gathered, the students prepared a collage and sketched out their ideas for the mural. They also discussed different locations where they might paint the mural at the school site. They then wrote a mural proposal and presented it to the school principal and district superintendent. When the mural was approved, the students and their undergraduate mentors created the “We Are Powerful” mural.