Who We Are

UC Links is a collaborative network of university and community partners, working closely together to sustain after-school programs that extend access to quality educational resources and activities for P-12 youth from underserved California communities.

University and P-12 students working together:

UC Links brings young people from underserved California communities together with university students in collaborative digital and hands-on learning activities.

Universities and communities working together:

University faculty and their students work closely with community leaders to develop engaging programs specifically designed to serve the needs of local young people. In 2014-15, there are 28 UC Links sites, located in local schools and community-based organizations in California. Click here for current leaders & programs.

Global partners working together:

UC Links has also partnered in the ongoing development of similar programs in other states, including Colorado, Delaware, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and in other nations including Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and Uruguay. Partners share ideas about program practice, both digitally and face to face, and conduct collaborative research on a variety of educational and community issuesClick here for current global partners.