who we serve

University-Community Links programs serve both P-12 and university students, and provides benefits to all partners - the university, families, P-12 Students, undergraduates, schools, and the larger community [see Benefits to Partners graphic below].

P-12 Students

UC Links serves low-income, ethnically and linguistically diverse preschool-through-twelfth grade (P-12) students.

In 2014-15, 2,872  P-12 students participated in 30 programs located at 28 sites (21 public, private, and charter schools and 11 community centers).

UC Links serves a highly diverse population of P-12 students, primarily of Latino (75%), African American (5%), Asian (7%), White (5%), and American Indian (2%) backgrounds. Approximately 38% of UC Links P-12 students are English Language Learners.

UC Links programs primarily serve students in the elementary and middle-school grades. [See graphs below.]

University Students

UC Links also serves both undergraduate and graduate students. UC Links programs enable undergraduates to  connect theory and real-world experience by taking practicum academic coursework that places them in community settings to interact with diverse P-12 students.

UC Links graduate students gain opportunities to teach undergraduate courses, coordinate community-based programs, and conduct research related to their academic interests.

In 2014-15, there were 705 undergraduate and 55 graduate student participants from diverse backgrounds at university campuses throughout California.  [See graph below.]