UC Links programs, including the Fifth Dimension, La Clasae Mágica, and other program models, have developed various digital and hands-on resources for afterschool activities. We have also found many resources developed by other organizations to be very useful. To suggest additional resources for this page, please contact us

Resources From UC Links Partners

The UC Links Activity Guides offer a wide range of activities to support learning; many were originally developed by Fifth Dimension programs.

Located at UC Irvine, CASE prepares undergraduates to work in and lead after school programs.

How to Establish an In-School 5th Dimension Program

This document was developed by Torrey Pines Elementary School in La Jolla, CA, and UC San Diego.

This powerpoint (best viewed as slide show) is a UC Links-developed storytelling activity based on the art by Jacob Lawrence; it contains several images of Lawrence’s work.


Mural projects are one way to connect young people to their communities. At the Change 4 Good program in Santa Cruz, the mural project began by taking elementary students on a field trip to the University of...

Playful Literacy

This book contains an extensive collection of fun games & other activities compiled by Dr. Suzanne Charlton, a former faculty leader at UC Irvine, to support English learners.

Originally developed for the Fifth Dimension by colleagues at the University of Miami in Florida, the Clearinghouse shares and assesses afterschool publications and activities for young people.

Other After School Resources

Located at UC Irvine, the Certificate in Afterschool & Summer Education results in a certificate, with field work in various schools and with groups. The website is found "undergraduate programs" at...

The Certificate in After School Education & Summer Education results in a certificate with field work at various schools and groups.


A state-funded resource administered for CDE to provide a variety of resources to support after school programs.

A state-supported organization located on the UC Davis campus to provide information, resources, training & publications in support of after school programs housed in schools.

CDE’s division that administers after school funding programs.

A directory that lists information on schools and school codes.

A state supported resource that reviews and links to online resources (Open Educational Resources are free of charge, all ad-free) to support & engage K-12learners.

An advocacy effort to unify the field of afterschool (such as through annual conferences) and to promote young people’s learning in after school hours and the summer through resources to programs.

An organization supportive of California’s young people, with several initiatives including expanded learning in housing communities.


A policy and action program that hosts an annual conference and the Lights On Afterschool initiative in support of after school programs.

An organization supported by a partnership of funders led by the C.S. Mott and Noyce Foundations.

A policy and evaluation effort housed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education that provides an extensive repository of relevant research and other publications.

A national based near Washington, DC, that aims to foster development, provide education, and encourage advocacy through an annual conference for out-of-school-time programs

An effort at Wellesley College that houses a journal and is supportive of access to high quality programs, activities, and opportunities for young people.

An organization connecting the 42 states with after school programs.

A network of programs located in several schools in Baltimore, New Orleans, and New York City.


Histories of Afterschool Programs

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