UCOP’s Student Academic Preparation and Educational Partnerships 2017-18 Program Outcomes Report

September 23, 2019

UCOP’s Student Academic Preparation and Educational Partnerships (SAPEP) has released its 2017-18 program outcomes report, providing an overview of the SAPEP programs and services, including UC Links. The report documents programs’ progress toward the overarching SAPEP programmatic goal of raising overall K-12 student achievement levels and closing gaps in student achievement among targeted groups across California’s public education continuum, from pre-K to postgraduate study. 

UC Links success in meeting its program objectives is highlighted on pages 18 and 31 of the report. In 2017-18, UC Links met its SAPEP objective of 15% increases in literacy knowledge and skills from pre- to post assessments during each academic year for pre-K–8 participants. Collectively, UC Links programs reported a 36% increase in literacy knowledge and skills for its P-8 students, and also exceeded by 1 % its SAPEP objective of 70% of undergraduate participants applying, or planning to enroll in graduate school. 

UCOP has also launched a useful SAPEP K-12 schools directory that is searchable by UC programs (such as UC Links). Choosing UC Links from the dropdown menu will generate a map (with descriptive information) of the 36 schools that UC Links partners with across the state. The outcomes tab provides some summary outcome data (only for high school students) that are largely focused on UC eligibility indicators. 

The UC Links website has been updated with the more current 2018-19 participant data that sites have reported. Many thanks to all of the UC Links teams that work so diligently to compile all of the annual reporting information, so that we are able to consistently meet the SAPEP objectives for our funders at UCOP.