2022 UC Links International Conference

UC Links Hybrid International Conference

Berkeley, CA April 15-16, 2022

University-Community Links: Reimagining Possible Futures

Day 1 - April 15

Welcome and Overview

Welcoming words Mara Mahmood & John Cano

Land acknowledgement — Karla Trujillo

Re-connecting: Developing UC Links Programs

 Brief introductions of new UC Links partners and programs (check video here)

Reimagining Possible Futures: Small Group Roundtable Discussions - Session I

Opportunities to share knowledge, resources, and best-practices:

  1. Applicability of Gender and Queer Studies in educational settings 

  2. Culturally relevant pedagogical practices

  3. Imagining an online, systemwide undergraduate UC Links course 

  4. International perspectivesArt4Ukraine & other international connections 

  5. International perspectives – Uruguay: Cruzando fronteras para reimaginar futuros juntos

  6. Playing with mythical entities...The Wiz, El Maga, La Mosca Cósmica, ThemBot, Proteo 

  7. Thinking together: UC Links Edited Volume 

Co-constructing Activities: Small Group Workshops

Hybrid workshops designed & facilitated by UC Links partners. 

  1. Best practices for innovating with technology in hybrid learning environments – Shirl Buss (Y-PLAN, UC Berkeley) & Katherine Lazo, Stephanie Carmona, (Whittier Fifth Dimension, Whittier College) 

  2. Engaging math activities for middle and high school – Alessandra Pantano & Luke Smith, (Math CEO, UC Irvine) 

  3. Exploring open-access online tools for undergraduate coursework – Glynda Hull, Devanshi Unadkat, & Catherine Park (UC Berkeley) 

  4. Fund development strategies for university-community collaborations – Jacqueline Rossow (La Colonia de Eden Gardens) 

  5. Writing together: UC Links Edited Volume – Marjorie Orellana (UCLA) 

  6. Youth Summit: Overview and creation of Online Activities – Dogukan Ozgen, Ali Muller, Devon Christman, and Diana Arya (UC Santa Barbara) 

Co-constructing Activities: Small Group Workshop – Session II

 Hybrid workshops designed & facilitated by UC Links partners. 

  1. Best practices that increase opportunities for socioemotional learning (SEL) Lilly Lew (City Year San Jose, formerly UC Santa Barbara) 

  2. Hands-on introduction to kid-friendly microcontrollers Lee Martin (UC Davis) 

  3. Hands-on introduction to creating podcasts Tom Vogt (University of Augsburg, Germany) 

  4. Parent resources for supporting students' math learning during the pandemicNestor Tulagan & Alessandra Pantano (Math CEO, UC Irvine)

  5. Photovoice Project in Corre la Voz and Restorative Pedagogies: socially transformative aims, methods, and outcomes for our learning communities Leslie Lopez (Corre la Voz, UC Santa Cruz)

  6. Playing in Gather.TownCathy Angelillo (Newmarket School District, New Hampshire)

Reimagining Possible Futures: Small Group Roundtable Discussions

Opportunities to share knowledge, resources, and best-practices. 

  1. Compartiendo nuestros programas dentro de las escuelas: Tensiones y oportunidades en el co-diseño de actividades 

  2. Exploring the realm of the kinesthetic in multimodal learning 

  3. Imagining an online, systemwide UC Links after-school program 

  4. International perspectives - Japan: Exploring learning possibilities for children navigating in-person and virtual communities 

  5. International perspectives - Japan: Challenges of early childhood education (ECE) teacher training for multicultural learning environments 

  6. Preparing undergraduate researchers/collaborators to engage effectively with community 

Wrap-up & Reflection

 Wrap-up, discussions, and reflections of day 1

Day 2 - April 16

Welcome & Opening Activity

  • The Dragon’s Code and ice breaker activities – Katherine Lazo, Giselle Ramirez, Destiny Aranda (Whittier Fifth Dimension, Whittier College)
  • Sharing Key ideas, reactions, questions, and highlights from Day 1 (Padlet)- whole group  discussion

Reimagining Possible Futures: Small Group Roundtable Discussions – Session IV

 Opportunities to share knowledge, resources, and best-practices. 

  1. Beyond youth as "future leaders": Using reflexivity to address ageism 

  2. Climate activism and concrete utopias 

  3. Creating safe online and in-person learning environments 

  4. Co-constructing dynamic and engaging hybrid learning environments 

  5. Leveraging intersegmental collaborations (e.g. UC/CSU and others)

  6. Youth Summit - exploring ways to engage UC Links programs

Co-constructing Activity: Poster Session - Digital & Other Media

Co-constructing Possible Futures

 Linking and leveraging UC Links’ body of knowledge, resources, and best-practices — Check brainstorm board here

Wrap-up & Reflection

 Wrap-up, discussions, closing remarks, and reflections of day 2