2023 UC Links Hybrid International Conference

UC Links Hybrid International Conference

Berkeley, CA April 28-29, 2023

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Day 1 - April 28

In person Pre-Conference

Coffee, Snacks and Informal Meet-up [2nd floor mezzanine]

Come enjoy some food and time to informally meet up, connect and reconnect

Small Group Sessions

CA PIs meeting 

  • University of California PIs [Room 4310]

  • California State University PIs [Room 4401]

Optional workshops 

  • Yoga & breathing: Relaxation and restoration in community – Mary Ann Aguilar & Sayra Martinez (La Colonia of Eden Gardens Inc.) 

  • The art of flow: Embodied resistance dance workshop – Karla Trujillo (University of Colorado, Boulder)

  • Jam session: Exploring and creating songs of resistance – Tom Vogt (University of Augsburg, Germany)

  • Breakout rooms available for team / cross-team gatherings [Rooms 1207, 1216, 4244]

Lunch [OPTIONAL for all conference attendees]

  • Lunch - Second floor mezzanine and Berkeley Way patio
  • Nuestra Ciencia hands-on herd immunity gameAlejandra Yep-Rodriguez, Jackie Quintana, Araceli Camarillo, Ariann Landaverde, Natali Ceja, and Evelyn Soto (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)

Session I:Conference Opening [Rooms 1102 & 1104]

Welcome and overview [whole group]

  • Opening ceremony Mitsu Inaba (Ritsumeikan University)
  • Welcoming & opening remarks Mara Mahmood & John Cano (UC Berkeley)

Re-connecting: Developing UC Links Programs [whole group]

Brief introductions of new UC Links partners and programs

  • Math CEOCynthia Sanchez Tapia (CSU Dominguez Hills)

  • UC Berkeley Teacher Education Program  – Thomas Philip & nives wetzel de cediel (UC Berkeley)  

  • Educators of Color in Urban (After)SchoolsTravis Bristol, Alishba Sardar, Madeline Keo (UC Berkeley)

  • Campus ConexiónesRebeca Mireles-Rios, Stephanie Arguera, Jing Su, Allyson Zuleta-Alonso, Richard Duran, Betsy Brenner (UC Santa Barbara) 

  • Learning to Transform (LiTT) Video Gaming Lab Arturo Cortez, Edward Rivero, Alexis Hunter, Ashieda McKoy, Godwin Amouzou, Jade Cortez Vargas, Humberto (BB) Echevarría Rios, Bella Herrera, Scott Perkins, and Mariel Reyes-Galvez (University of Colorado, Boulder)

  • Ritual Arts and Pedagogies (RAP) Lab – Kalonji Nzinga, Karla Trujillo, Marlene Sulema Palomar (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Re-connecting: Activity [whole group]

 Connecting and learning with UC Links partners and programs

Youth Action Participatory Research [whole group]

Working with diverse ages in youth participatory action research

  • Amy Bintliff, Rebecca Levine, Jordan Mora, Manny Aguilar, Mary Ann Aguilar, Susanna Romero Reiss, Emilie Hardy, and Jenee Love (University of California, San Diego)

  • Steven McKay, Gabriella Garcia & Malena Ronga (University of California, Santa Cruz

Wrap-up & Reflection

 Wrap-up, discussions, and reflections of day 1

Day 2 - April 29

Session I

Welcome and Overview

Welcome and remarks - John Cano & Mara Mahmood (UC Berkeley)

Re-connecting: Engaging Restorative Activities [whole group]

 Restorative activity — Shirl Buss (Y-PLAN, UC Berkeley)

Re-connecting: Sharing and Celebrating International Expertise & Experience [whole group]

International perspectives on ongoing work & future possibilities...

  • Green-screen video production & inter-institutional outreachMarietta Moors (University of Augsburg, Germany)

  • Green-screen video production and working with displaced Ukrainian youthVivian Wertich (University of Augsburg, Germany)

  • Language learning through planning, filming, editing and presenting filmsDelia Pietsch (University of Augsburg, Germany)

  • Turning young people on to OceanographyFrancielle Holtz (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil)

  • Innovative funding strategies for the common goodCorinna Baudisch (University of Vienna)

  • Seeing the future in the present – Tom Vogt (University of Augsburg, Germany)

Co-constructing:Anti-racist pedagogies: Teaming up for Civil Rights Then, Now & Tomorrow [whole group]

Walter Greason, Ben Levy, Asha Criner, Milkee Bekele, and Nick Howland  (Macalester College)

Co-constructing Sustainable Futures: Exploring the UC Links Digital Resource Garden: [whole group]

Linking and leveraging UC Links resources, and best-practices – Dogukan Ozgen, Estefanía Pihen (UC Santa Barbara), Mara Mahmood & John Cano (UC Berkeley)

Session II

Co-constructing Hands-on Activity [whole group]

 Quilt activity Shirl Buss (UC Berkeley) and Diana Arya (UC Santa Barbara)

Co-constructing Activities: Small Group Workshops

Hybrid workshops designed & facilitated by UC Links partners. Please choose 


  1. Hands-on Tinkercad workshop: Accessible and Meaningful uses of 3D design in after-school programsJordan Mora (La Colonia de Eden Gardens Inc.) [Room 1216]

  2. Hacking new social futures: Intergenerational world-making in video gaming ecologiesArturo Cortez, Edward Rivero, Alexis Hunter, Ashieda McKoy, Godwin Amouzou, Jade Cortez Vargas, Humberto (BB) Echevarría Rios, Bella Herrera, Scott Perkins, and Mariel Reyes-Galvez (University of Colorado, Boulder)[Room 1207]

  3. Developing a successful NSF proposalAlessandra Pantano & Sandra Simpkins (UC Irvine) [Room 1212]

  4. Afterschool for adolescents: Connecting research and practiceRebecca Levine (UC San Diego) [Room 1215]

  5. Exploring sustainability: weaving sustainability learning into subject matter instruction - Estefanía Pihen (UC Santa Barbara) [Room 1217]

Co-constructing Activity: Poster Session - Digital & Other Media [whole group]

Informal presentations from & conversations with programs and partners from 

the UC Links network. 

Co-constructing Sustainable Futures: Small Group Roundtable Discussions

Opportunities to share knowledge, resources, and best-practices. Please choose 


  1. Using digital communication technologies to promote learning, agency, and civic activism over contexts and time – Antti Rajala (University of Eastern Finland) [Room 1216]

  2. Math CEO at Dominguez Hills: Exploring the intersections of social justice and mathematicsCynthia Sanchez Tapia, Sydney Melendrez, Christian Rendon, and Carlos Portillo Medina (CSU Dominguez Hills); Alessandra Pantano (UC Irvine) [Room 1215]

  3. Update on Yawata Children's Conference off-school activitiesMitsu Inaba (Ritsumeikan University)[Room 1212]

  4. Learning about and teaching in urban schools: A year-long UC Berkeley undergraduate courseTravis Bristol, Alishba Sardar, Madeline Keo, Karina Esparza (UC Berkeley) [Room 1207]

  5. Program logistics, nuts and bolts: Successful strategies for training undergraduate mentors and program start-up and sustainability – open discussion [Room 1217]

The Impact of The Wellbeing Club on Ugandan Adolescent Wellbeing Resilience and Leadership [whole group]

Amy Bintliff, Rebecca Levine (UC San Diego), and Zaharah Namanda (Utopia Foundation / Africa ELI) & Judith Nassali (Africa ELI)

Wrap-up & Reflection

 Wrap-up, discussions, closing remarks, feedback survey, and reflections of day 2