UC Links International Conference

Berkeley, CA March 15-16, 2019

Linking Voices: Co-Constructing University-Community Engagement

Day 1 - March 15


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Linking Voices: Co-Constructing University-Community Engagement Charles Underwood (UC Berkeley)

Panel 4: Learning in Community Context

Panel 5: Voicing the Local

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Voicing the local: University-community partnerships in the digital age.  Brendan Henrique & Rian Whittle (UC Berkeley)

El Sol Conexión - Imagining Santa Ana: Keeping local art & history alive. Sue Cronmiller (UC Irvine)

TACKLE: Building a strategy for language preservation in San Pasqual. Lorraine Orosco (San Pasqual Band of Indians)

Day 2 - March 16

Welcome to Day 2: New Website & Online Reporting

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Charles Underwood & Mara Mahmood (UC Berkeley)

Plenary Discussion & Next Steps

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